Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions relating to our grant programmes.

For FAQs relating to Academic Jewish Studies please see AJS Grants FAQs.


Are there any types of projects that the Foundation will not fund?

  • We do not fund the following:
    • operating costs for schools, synagogues, museums or other communal buildings
    • building and construction work for museums or other communal institutions
    • restoration work of Jewish built heritage
    • artistic projects in the fine arts, performing arts, film production and creative writing – including artwork commissioned by museums
    • publication and translation of academic books

You can find our Statement on Jewish Community Libraries here.

Can an individual apply for a grant?

The majority of our grants are only open to applications from organisations and institutions that qualify as charitable according to the UK authorities.

Individuals are able to apply for some of our Professional Development grants and certain grants within the Academic Jewish Studies Programme may be open to individuals. Please check the relevant category pages for more information.

My organisation is not based in Europe but our proposed project focuses on Europe. Are we eligible for a grant?

We are only able to accept applications from organisation or institutions based in Europe, EU and non-EU states alike, except for Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. 

The organisation’s activities must be deemed charitable under UK charity law. This includes organisations which are either not-for-profit or publicly funded e.g., state or private libraries, archives, museums, research institutes, or universities.

Eligibility criteria vary for some grants including Professional Development Language Grants, Expert Visits and Skills, Knowledge and Tools for Jewish Education. Please check the relevant grant category pages for more information.

My proposed project concerns a Jewish collection held at a non-Jewish institution (e.g. an archive, library, museum or research centre). Would such an application be considered eligible?

Yes, we often receive applications from non-Jewish institutions to work on the Jewish component of their holdings. This is perfectly acceptable.

My proposed project has been rejected by the Foundation in the past, am I eligible to reapply?

If you have previously submitted an application for a project that was rejected, please get in touch with the relevant Grant Programme Manager before applying again.

What is the impact of Brexit on the Foundation’s grant-making?

At this stage, there are no changes to our programmes, and we are continuing to make grants to UK based and European institutions and organisations.

Application Process

What is the difference between a category, a programme and an initiative?

We currently have three grant programmes (Academic Jewish Studies, European Jewish Heritage and Jewish Communal Life). Each programme is slightly different and has its own grant categories. Some of the categories are by invitation only.

Initiatives are mostly ongoing projects set up by the Rothschild Foundation Hanadiv Europe, often in cooperation with other institutions or other funders.

Can I apply to more than one of the different grant programmes?

Organisations and institutions may make only ONE application for funding in each grant round.

If your organisation or institution currently holds a grant from the Foundation you cannot apply for a grant in this current round unless your existing grant is due to come to an end. Exceptions apply for Academic Jewish Studies so please contact your Grant Programme Manager before submitting an application to check your eligibility.

If you are a current grant holder and your Grant Programme Manger has given you permission to make an application, you will need to provide a brief Project Update on the current status of your existing grant alongside your application.

You are able to apply for the following even when holding or applying for another grant:

Professional Development

Academic Language Grants (available through WUJS)




I am interested in making an application to the Foundation, but my proposed project seems to incorporate aspects of two or more of your grant programmes and / or categories. What should I do?

In the first instance, you should apply to whichever grant programme or category you feel best matches your project. Once we review your proposal, we may transfer your application to another category either for consideration or for monitoring after it has been awarded. This will not harm your chances of receiving a grant.

I have a project that needs funding, but the relevant grant programme is currently closed. Is the Foundation able to make funding decisions outside of the grant round?

We are not able to make funding decisions outside of our grant rounds. While waiting for grants programmes to open, you can register on our website to receive email notification of when grants are available and other information relating to the type of projects we support.

Can I send a letter of enquiry to the Foundation with a project idea for you to consider?

Please get in touch before you send a letter of enquiry. We would encourage you to carefully review our website before making any enquiry so that you fully understand our funding priorities and the grant making process. We respond to all enquiries in as timely a manner as possible.

Online Application Process

Why do I have to set up an account?

We have moved to a fully online application system which enables us to retrieve your application and any details related to your application in a secure way.

If you have not previously registered for the online application system you will need to do so when you login in for the first time.

If you have previously registered for an online account (since 2017), you will be able to access it with your existing login details. As of October 2022 the password policy has changed, and you may be asked to reset your password to meet the new password requirements.

I have forgotten my password

Access the online account page, click ‘Forgot Password’ and follow the instructions.

You will receive an email with a temporary password that needs to be reset immediately. If you cannot find this email, check your spam folder.

When I login to my account nothing happens

Your browser may not accept cookies which stops the online application form from launching. You need to adjust your browser to accept cookies.

Our fundraiser has left and we do not have the login details

Please contact us at with the grant number and we can transfer the account to a new email account.

Can I see a sample of the application form?

Samples of the application forms are available to download on the relevant grant category pages. Please note that these are for guidance only and we can only accept applications submitted via the online application process.

The questions in the online application form may have been updated since the sample documents were produced.

Do I have to complete the application form in one sitting?

No, you can save and come back to your application at a later time by clicking the ‘Save & Finish Later’ button at the bottom of each screen.

To continue, you need to access your online account via the account login page.

Please note: If your application form is left inactive for more than 50 minutes your changes won’t be saved. In order to keep the form ‘active’ when completing your application, you must either click ‘Next’ or ‘Save and Finish Later’, which will take you to your account dashboard.

When I click on the Back and Forward buttons to go through the application form, I find that I have to login again

To move to the next page, please click the ‘Next’ button at the bottom of the page. You can also navigate between sections by clicking on the page title which appears as a ribbon at the top of the application form.

Do not use the ‘Back’ or ‘Forward’ buttons on your browser to navigate through your application.

When I copy and paste text into the form, I have experienced formatting and technical problems. How can I prevent this?

Before copying text into the form, first paste the text into either Notepad (Windows) or TextEdit (Mac) to remove unwanted formatting. We strongly suggest that you avoid using bullet points and other similar design elements.

Could you have a look at my application before I submit it?

We can only see an application once it’s been submitted. If you have any questions regarding the application form please contact the respective Grant Programme Manager.

How will I know that my application has been submitted?

Once you have submitted an application you will receive a confirmation email. It will give you a number for your application and will provide a full overview of the details you provided. A copy of your application will also be available via your online account. We recommend that you keep this email for your records.

Can I edit my application after it’s been submitted?

Please contact to discuss your options.