We do not fund the following:

  • operating costs for schools, synagogues, museums or other communal buildings
  • building and construction work for museums or other communal institutions
  • acquisition of objects
  • launch events or exhibition openings
  • restoration work of Jewish built heritage
  • artistic projects in the fine arts, performing arts, film production and creative writing – including artwork commissioned by museums
  • publication and translation of academic books

Please see below for information regarding funding for Jewish community libraries and Holocaust museums and memorials.

Statement on Jewish community libraries

We appreciate the important role Jewish community libraries play in the life of communities across Europe. These libraries are places for people from across the community to discover and engage with Jewish literature, Hebrew books, and many other resources.

These libraries may need to modernise in order to operate efficiently and communities do not always prioritise the funding of these institutions. The Association of Jewish Libraries provides information and support to Jewish community libraries, helping them raise their profile within their communities and learn to attract funding from local and regional sources.

Due to the number and scope of Jewish community libraries across Europe, we are unable to consider applications for widescale cataloguing projects. The National Library of Israel’s catalogue contains a significant percentage of the books found in a typical Jewish community library and these records can be copied to local catalogues. We encourage Jewish community libraries to contact the National Library of Israel directly for assistance in this regard.

In certain instances, Jewish community libraries hold books and documents relating to historic Jewish presence in their region or which are important for historic and research purposes. It is these items that are most relevant to our funding categories where we seek to ensure Jewish documentary heritage and books of historic Jewish significance are widely accessible.

Please note that we do not fund the building or refurbishment of libraries.

Holocaust Museums and Memorials

We may support applications relating to the Holocaust if such a project preserves Jewish culture, offers an interpretative context, ensures skilled collection management, presents exhibitions professionally, and encourages historical research.

  • We do not fund national memorials that stem from a government initiative.
  • We do not fund a Holocaust memorial that is strictly a memorial site (whether site-specific or not) that doesn’t have a collection, an exhibition, and research associated with its history.