Skills, Knowledge and Tools for Jewish Education

Polin Museum of the History of Polish Jews, Warsaw, Poland. (A. Szulc)

Across Europe, Jewish communal professionals and volunteers are playing a vital role  in supporting and enhancing Jewish life – the Jewish summer camp co-ordinators, the programming staff at the Jewish Community Centre,  the Jewish studies teachers, the synagogue and community lay leaders and the volunteer Sunday school parents are some of the examples of tireless individuals making a difference. The Foundation recognises and appreciates their contribution and yet, often-times, these same people have not had the opportunity to deepen their own Jewish knowledge or update their professional expertise to help them working within Jewish communities.

To address these needs, the Foundation is offering communal organisations support to enhance the Jewish experience and education of its personnel – paid and unpaid, junior and senior.  A strong Jewish learning component must be at the core of the programme and it is expected that this will in turn influence the breadth and depth of the activities offered within the community.

COVID-19 Update

Blended professional development programmes – Travelling for training seminars for volunteers and professional educators in Europe is still likely to be limited for many months. Organisations will have to redesign their programmes in blended formats that combine in person and virtual training. Projects addressing this issue are welcome.

Educational Technology training for Jewish educators – An unexpected outcome of the pandemic has been that most communities and educators in Europe have had a crash course on delivering online Jewish education and community engagement programmes. Some communities and educators were relatively successful in making the shift needed in their pedagogical approach to work in this environment, while others found it more challenging. In the long term, we are likely to see more blended (face to face and virtual) learning and engagement. It is clear that just sharing hundreds of resource links isn’t effective. We welcome projects to help community educators deploy advanced Ed-Tech tools in curriculum, create content, support and train educators and coordinate peer exchange.

For more information please read the notes of guidance and a sample of the application form is available.

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