We appreciate grantees may wish to acknowledge our support in various ways but we ask you not to use our name and/or logo without prior written consent.

To make a request to use our name and/or logo please send an email, addressed to our Chief Executive, detailing the specific way in which you wish to acknowledge our support. Please cc your Grant Manager in this email.

This may include publicity, promotional materials or publications associated with the project including:

  • Press releases (these will need to be approved by the Foundation – see below)
  • Project websites
  • Papers, books and other publications
  • Exhibitions or conferences
  • Flyers, posters or brochures

Any approval will be given in writing and permission is only granted for that particular instance. If you wish to use our name and/or logo in subsequent ways you will need to request permission again.

Exception for Academic Jewish Studies

Grantees who receive an Academic Jewish Studies grant from us should acknowledge our support in any peer-reviewed academic publications that result from the grant.

Please use the following written acknowledgement: ‘This research was made possible by the support of the Rothschild Foundation Hanadiv Europe’. For our records, we would appreciate if you could let us know the title of any publications that acknowledge the Foundation.

If you are a current or previous recipient of our Doctoral or Post-Doctoral awards you can use the title ‘Rothschild Foundation Hanadiv Europe Doctoral/Post-Doctoral Fellow’ in your CV and resume as well as any biography supplied for speaking events or books.

When using our name, please ensure you use it correctly with no abbreviations or parentheses. Grantees and alumni may not use our logo.

In these instances, prior written consent is not needed from the Foundation.

Wording your acknowledgement

If you are given permission to use our name we will send you the specific wording we would prefer you to use. This is likely to be: ‘The project was supported by the Rothschild Foundation Hanadiv Europe’ (see above for Academic Jewish Studies).

Please ensure you use our full and official name: ‘Rothschild Foundation Hanadiv Europe’.

It is incorrect to refer to us in any other form including ‘Rothschild Foundation’, ‘Rothschilds’, etc.

Guidance on press releases

If you have been given permission to use our name in a press release we will ask you to send it to us for approval before it is distributed.

Please use the following standard text about the Foundation when providing background information:

The Rothschild Foundation Hanadiv Europe is a philanthropic foundation that supports a range of projects across Europe to ensure Jewish communal life and cultural heritage are sustained for future generations.

Logos and branding

If you are given permission to use our logo, we will provide you with the relevant files and Branding Guidelines to ensure it is used correctly.

Please contact Rebecca Singer, Communications and Grant Manager, to request the logo files (r.singer@rothschildfoundation.eu)