The EJCAN is an international group of experts representing a range of professional skills and expertise.

It was established following discussions regarding the preservation, restoration and documentation of Jewish cemeteries in Europe at an international cross-disciplinary conference in Vilnius (October 2015).

A resource database on Jewish cemeteries has been created and is available on the Jewish Heritage Europe website, where you’ll find news, information, contacts and best practices on the topic – you can access it here.

You can contact the EJCAN for advice on a variety of different issues including (but not limited to):

  • maintenance of burial grounds
  • cleaning of tombstones
  • documentation of tombstones
  • protection of boundaries
  • Halachic (Jewish law) questions
  • visitor access to cemeteries
  • religious pilgrimage
  • restitution issues where relevant
  • commemoration ceremonies
  • archaeological implications of cemeteries
  • modern buildings on cemeteries

If you have a specific query for EJCAN, please email

Please note the Rothschild Foundation Hanadiv Europe does not fund the maintenance, restoration or documentation of burial grounds.