We value educational programming which incorporates serious and engaging Jewish content.

We appreciate the central role of educators who use innovative Jewish materials, draw on Jewish vocabulary and experiential methods to engage diverse groups in their community.

We recognise paid professional educators and community volunteers who take on an educational role would both benefit from further training to enhance their Jewish skills and knowledge.

Therefore, we welcome applications focussing on creating and implementing comprehensive professional development training programmes for educators. We will prioritise applications that cover several European countries or larger communities with a significant cohort of community professionals and volunteers who can benefit from the programme.

If you are interested in submitting an application you must contact Daniela Greiber in the first instance to discuss your proposal. We will only consider projects that align with the priorities of this grant category.

If invited to complete an application for the Spring 2023 grant round, the deadline for submission is Tuesday 18 April 2023. 

This grant category is open for applications

Please contact Daniela Greiber to discuss your proposal.