We support the various ways in which museums preserve, document and display Jewish heritage, and engage diverse audiences.

We support museums in the areas of:

  • collection management
  • exhibition support
  • professional training

We will prioritise applications which:

  • facilitate access to collections
  • provide evidence of the presence of a Jewish community in a particular European area
  • broaden the range of learning opportunities
  • engage diverse visitors
  • raise the professional level of museum staff
  • increase the museum’s visibility and audience

Preference is given to projects that have a long-term and measurable impact, and that foster exchange and cooperation. All projects must contribute to the preservation, documentation, and public exposure of Jewish heritage.

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Applications are now closed

Please note the following:


We may support applications relating to the Holocaust if such a project preserves Jewish culture, offers an interpretative context, ensures skilled collection management, presents exhibitions professionally, and encourages historical research.

  • We do not fund national memorials that stem from a government initiative.
  • We do not fund a Holocaust memorial that is strictly a memorial site (whether site-specific or not) that doesn’t have a collection, an exhibition, and research associated with its history.

Grant categories

Collection Management

Support for cataloguing, digitisation and conservation.

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Core Exhibition

Support for Core Exhibitions.

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Temporary Exhibition

Support to create a new temporary exhibition.

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Travelling Exhibition

Support to rent an existing travelling exhibition.

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Innovative Museums Project

Support for an innovative museum project.

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Expert Visit

Bring an expert to your museum

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Travel Grant

Attend a professional conference or training seminar

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Professional Development Language Grant

Online courses to increase professional skills

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