Collection Management

Esther Scroll in the Jewish Museum of Worms (Alamy)

Grants may support the conservation and/or preservation of individual objects, groups of objects, or the improvement of conservation and/or preservation programmes through the purchase of supplies and equipment, including security measures, insurance, and temperature and humidity controls.

Grants are available to museums wishing to develop better and more accessible inventory of collections, particularly digitisation, online cataloguing and other technology-based improvements. Grants are not available for the acquisition of objects or to commission artworks.

As part of the application process, museums will be expected to demonstrate that they have consulted with recognised experts who have confirmed the importance and relevance of the material, that the preservation project has a long-term justification, and that the museum has the technical skills and professional staff to conduct this process, or that it will hire professionals.

We recognise the vast differences between big and small museums, and we encourage museums with limited staff and resources to propose projects within their capacity.

For more information please read the notes of guidance and a sample of the application form is available.

If you are an applicant from the Spring 2020 round and have not received a decision for your application, please contact the foundation at

If you are an applicant from the Autumn 2020 round a decision for your application will be emailed in January 2021.

The application round is now closed.