Inventories and Cataloguing

The International Tracing Service Archives, Germany (Richard Ehrlich/USHMM)

The creation of an accurate and detailed catalogue allows institutions to fully understand their own holdings, it occasions the discovery of their collections by academic and independent researchers, and it invites the scrutiny of experts able to draw links between their records and those of other institutions. In essence, the production of a catalogue or an inventory is the first step towards entering a group of records into scholarly discourse.

As such, the Rothschild Foundation Hanadiv Europe is pleased to offer support for the following activities: the initial sorting and preliminary identification of collection holdings; a detailed analysis and cataloguing of collections; and the preparation, publication and dissemination of finding aids and catalogues.

Targeted collections can include manuscripts, documents, all forms of printed materials, and audio, film and video recording. Holding institutions might include – among others – public and private libraries, as well as public, institutional and private archives.

For more information please read the notes of guidance and a sample of the application form is available.

If you are an applicant from the Spring 2020 round and have not received a decision for your application, please contact the foundation at

The Application round is now closed, if you are an applicant from the Autumn 2020 round a decision for your application will be emailed in January 2021.