Digital Humanities Resource Development and Enhancement

Repositories of primary sources have an important role to play in the evolving landscape of digital humanities projects concerning Jewish history, literature and culture in Europe. In recognition of their unique potential contribution, the Foundation now invites European archives, libraries, memory institutions, and other research centres to submit proposals for the digitisation and transcription of Jewish archival or library collections, as well as the creation of accompanying metadata, using techniques such as OCR, TEI, or Linked Open Data. Collections may contain documentary, as well as audio-visual, photographic or born-digital materials. Successful proposals may include the enhancement of existing online databases, digital corpora, aggregating portals and other online resource types that give academic researchers and the interested public access to primary source materials and open them up to new digital humanities research methods.

The Foundation particularly welcomes initiatives to incorporate Jewish heritage materials into more established projects, which address the inherently multilingual and multidisciplinary character of Jewish history and culture in Europe. Please note that these resources need not be exclusively focussed on Jewish history, and instead successful proposals may concern the inclusion of Jewish heritage materials into broad disciplinary, national or international projects.

Eligible costs include additional staff hours for the creation, processing and indexing of digital materials, the ongoing development of projects’ technical architecture, equipment costs (no more than 35% of the overall budget), and travel for project partners to meet. The Foundation favours proposals that include multiple funding sources, as well as clear evidence of institutional commitment to the initiative in the form of gifts in kind and other forms of financial commitment.

For more information about the application process and the Foundation’s funding priorities in this area you are welcome to view the notes of guidance and a sample of the application form is available.

If you are an applicant from the Spring 2020 round and have not received a decision for your application, please contact the foundation at

The Application round is now closed, if you are an applicant from the Autumn 2020 round a decision for your application will be emailed in January 2021.