Jewish Language Teaching Fellowships

An in-depth understanding of Jewish languages such as Hebrew, Ladino or Yiddish is essential for the study of Jewish history, literature and culture. It is only through grappling with the complexities of these languages that individuals can come to grips with the field of Jewish Studies and hope to make meaningful contributions either to scholarly discourse or to wider audiences’ understandings of Jewish cultural heritage. However many of the centres, departments and programmes of Jewish Studies across Europe find it difficult to keep pace with student demand for language instruction.

In response to this need, the Foundation offers grants to support Jewish language instruction in centres of academic Jewish Studies across Europe. Eligible institutions may apply for up to £40,000 per annum for a maximum of three years to develop instruction in Jewish languages (Hebrew, Yiddish, Ladino, etc.) within the context of their Jewish Studies programme. Please note that local salaries and living costs will be used to determine the amount awarded for these Fellowships.

These teaching posts are intended to offer Jewish Studies students language learning opportunities not previously available at their institutions. The language skills they acquire through the newly offered classes will enable further research within the field of Jewish Studies at both the undergraduate and postgraduate level.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to send their referees the correct reference form (available for download under the referees section of the online application form or here) and to ensure that references are submitted by the referee deadline.

For more information about the application process and the Foundation’s funding priorities in this area you are welcome to view a sample application form and the notes of guidance.

The Application round is closed. If you are an applicant from the Spring 2020 round and have not received a decision for your application, please contact the foundation at